GIRE busca colocar los derechos reproductivos en la agenda pública y movilizar la opinión pública en casos paradigmáticos de violaciones a derechos reproductivos de las mujeres. Conoce nuestras campañas e involúcrate en la acción, explora nuestras demandas y logros.

Abortion Health Indication Case in the Supreme Court

The GIRE Communications Team developed a series of MEMES and GIFS regarding the Margarita’s case which we carried to the Supreme Court. The caption of the GIF which was disseminated on online social networks reads: “Coming soon… the Supreme Court will discuss abortion when the woman’s health is at risk” #InterruptingSavesLives

The team also developed a map of the country showing the states where abortion is legal when the woman’s health is at risk. The states in blue have passed such laws. Ultimately the case was sent back to the drawing board. This means that a different justice will draft a proposed sentence and the process begins anew.ón-del

Mapa causal salud-01