GIRE busca colocar los derechos reproductivos en la agenda pública y movilizar la opinión pública en casos paradigmáticos de violaciones a derechos reproductivos de las mujeres. Conoce nuestras campañas e involúcrate en la acción, explora nuestras demandas y logros.



This campaign entitled “¿Chiapasionate?” is a reference to a Chiapas publicity campaign “¡Chiapasionate!” which promoted tourism in the state. GIRE’s campaign questions the image of lush, green landscapes and adventures awaiting tourists and compares it to the reality of poor healthcare, obstetric violence and alarming rates of maternal mortality. This campaign was launched specifically around the case of Susanna. Her husband Romeo waited outside after taking her to the emergency room at the San Cristobal de las Casas Women’s Hospital during his daughter’s delivery. Two days later, they brought him her corpse and a dirty baby. They did not offer any explanation. They did not explain that Susana was not treated immediately, that she was left naked in a hospital bed in front of all patients and hospital staff, that they removed her gallbladder without her consent and that, after her death, they took her fingerprint to falsify her authorization of the surgery.


The death of Susana could not go unpunished. No woman should suffer what she went through. No family should face what her family faced. The Mexican State eventually complied with reparation of damages and emitted a public apology to Susanna’s gamily, the first of its kind ever announced in Mexico.

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