GIRE busca colocar los derechos reproductivos en la agenda pública y movilizar la opinión pública en casos paradigmáticos de violaciones a derechos reproductivos de las mujeres. Conoce nuestras campañas e involúcrate en la acción, explora nuestras demandas y logros.

Descúbrete Feminista


The first, an awareness raising campaign on GIRE’s work for a broad range of reproductive rights, is entitled “Descúbrete Feminista”, a play on words in Spanish meaning both “discover the feminist within you” and “Feminist, reveal yourself”. The campaign images include photographs of everyday people with bared shoulders and short personal testimonies supporting GIRE’s priority topics (abortion, assisted reproduction techniques, maternal mortality and morbidity, access to contraception, obstetric violence, and compatibility of family life with work). These messages and images were tested via focus groups and adjusted accordingly. The campaign is a continuation of the theme developed for GIRE’s 20th anniversary and commemorative book where high-level public figures, including the Mexico City Mayor and a Supreme Court Justice bared their shoulders and personal details of the role that reproductive rights have played in their lives. The campaign was launched via street-level, consecutive billboards as well as through social media. Individuals were able to “discover the feminist within them” by posting photos with bared shoulders on the campaign’s website.

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