GIRE busca colocar los derechos reproductivos en la agenda pública y movilizar la opinión pública en casos paradigmáticos de violaciones a derechos reproductivos de las mujeres. Conoce nuestras campañas e involúcrate en la acción, explora nuestras demandas y logros.

Daycare Facilities Benefit Available to Men

In 2015, GIRE took on the case of Antonio and his wife Gaby, presenting a legal stay against the IMSS (Mexico’s social security agency), Congress, and the Mexican President, as parties responsible for a series of human rights violations. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and the Court historically ruled in favor of Antonio and Gaby, effectively setting the stage for change for thousands of families across the country.

The background: Gaby, Antonio’s partner, left her job with benefits, including access to no-cost IMSS daycare facilities, after having a baby. Months later, they thought the best daycare option for their seven-month-old son was the same service, but this time via Antonio, as his job entitled him to IMSS benefits. What they imagined would be a simple administrative procedure and some minor bureaucracy turned into GIRE’s second case on the Supreme Court docket in 2016 and a historic win for Mexican families.á-pagas-imss-no-tienes

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