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Maria Ligia lived in Chacsinkín, a municipality located about two hours southwest from Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan in southern Mexico. She spoke Maya and Spanish and worked at home, as she needed to care for her kids – one son studying high school, one about to finish middle school, two in primary and the youngest who had yet to enter Kindergarten. Her mother, Margarita helped her at home while Eutiquio, the father of her children worked in Cancun almost all week.

In Chacsinkín there are two health clinics for the nearly 2,800 habitants. Maria Ligia went to one regularly, and the last time was to request contraceptive methods, which she was denied. They warned her that if she filed a complaint it would affect her ability to access social programs that helped her support her kids. Her last pregnancy was unplanned. And then they found out she was pregnant with twins.

She and Eutiquio’s five children would have two more siblings.

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