Obstetric Violence

2.3 Obstetric Violence

In Mexico, a lack of trained staff, inadequate medical equipment and facilities ill-suited to provide obstetric care seem to be the rule. Because of this, GIRE has sought to highlight obstetric violence as a type of violence occurring within the public or private health care system consisting of actions or omissions by health care providers that cause physical or psychological harm to a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and in the postpartum period. This violence can be expressed in a lack of access to reproductive health services, in cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment by medical personnel and in over-medicalization that undermines a woman’s ability to decide in a free and informed manner on medical procedures.

GIRE provides legal accompaniment for women who have suffered obstetric violence, not only to seek reparations for them and their families, but also to promote structural change in the health care system. This will guarantee that all women have access to quality obstetric care services. In our efforts to achieve this, we are convinced that criminalizing healthcare workers is not the answer, and we are therefore working to avoid this common response to obstetric violence in the country.

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Obstetric Violence
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