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Adolescent Marriage

The commonly associated relationship among adolescent pregnancy, school dropout rates and marriage does not reflect the situation in Mexico, nor the potential comprehensive solutions that can be implemented to address these phenomena. The data in Mexico are clear: firstly, age differences between spouses when one of them is a minor are not that large, secondly, the main reason young

people drop out of school is not marriage, but rather a lack of resources, and thirdly, married adolescent girls have lower rates of pregnancy than those who are single and in common law marriages. To address adolescent pregnancy on the other hand, measures that prevent violence, promote access to contraceptives and safe and legal abortions are required.

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MIDWIVES OF TODAY is a group of more than 20 organizations dedicated to the practice, dissemination and teaching on the advantages midwifery provides for quality maternal health care in Mexico.

MIDWIVES OF TODAY is a campaign that raises awareness and disseminates information on midwifery in Mexico for women who are interested in learning about safe, friendly and trustworthy ways to carry out pregnancy and childbirth.