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Girls and Women without Justice: Reproductive Rights in Mexico (2015)

February 5, 2020

Girls and Women without Justice: Reproductive Rights in is a follow-up report to the information presented in Omission and Indifference, through the updating of figures, statistics and cases registered, documented and litigated by GIRE and members of Radar 4th until May 2015. The report provides a more specialized approach on the six issues that GIRE has defined as priorities for its work: contraception, safe and legal abortion, obstetric violence, maternal mortality, assisted reproduction, and work and family life.

The reality of the situation of these issues is exemplified by the stories of girls, women, and families that GIRE has represented and accompanied in the difficult search for access to justice in Mexico, and who we thank for putting their trust in our work. It is these cases that drive GIRE’s daily work and commitment to the reproductive rights of girls and women in the country. Girls and Women without Justice seeks to contribute to a change. Therefore, it includes recommendations for the various authorities that, if met, would bring Mexico closer to fulfilling its human rights obligations, particularly in relation to women and girls’ capacity to make decisions regarding their reproduction.


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