ABOUT US - Información y datos sobre aborto legal en México, violencia obstétrica, muerte materna y otros.
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Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE – Information Group on Reproductive Choice) was founded in 1992 with the goal of disseminating scientific, objective and secular information on abortion as a public health and social justice issue in Mexico.

In 1992 GIRE established itself as a leading reproductive justice organization. In addition to our work on abortion, in 2011 GIRE began positioning multiple reproductive justice issues such as contraception, obstetric violence, maternal mortality, assisted reproduction and work-life balance in the public debate.

GIRE is a feminist organization whose mission is to achieve a social and cultural transformation in Mexico by demanding reproductive justice from a human rights perspective. To reach this goal, GIRE spearheads comprehensive strategies that involve advocacy and legal casework, as well as communications strategies and research on the status of reproductive rights in Mexico.

GIRE’s work has received multiple awards. Among them are the 2004 C. Lalor Burdick Prize awarded by the National Abortion Federation, the 2007 Hermila Galindo Prize awarded by the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, and the 2017 Gilberto Bosques human rights prize awarded by the French and German embassies in Mexico.