OUR STORY - Información y datos sobre aborto legal en México, violencia obstétrica, muerte materna y otros.
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In 1992, five visionary women recognized the need to institutionalize their work on the bioethical, social and legal arguments that would position abortion as a public health and social justice problem. Marta Lamas, María Consuelo Mejía, Patricia Mercado, Lucero González and Sara Sefchovich founded Information Group on Reproductive Choice, GIRE.

Since then, GIRE’s work has been strengthened, becoming a national and international reference on reproductive rights. Over  the years, four feminist women have guided GIRE’s work as director: Marta Lamas, María Luisa Sánchez Fuentes, Regina Tamés and, currently, Rebeca Ramos.

Led by Rebeca Ramos, the organization is made up of a team of 35 people, diverse in terms of their profile and experience, all committed to reproductive justice.

At GIRE we work with individuals convinced that reproductive rights are human rights, essential to achieving a country with equality and justice for all people.