WHAT DO WE DO? - Información y datos sobre aborto legal en México, violencia obstétrica, muerte materna y otros.
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GIRE works on three priority issues: abortion, balancing work with reproductive life/care, and reproductive health (obstetric violence, maternal mortality, and assisted reproduction) from a feminist and human rights perspective. Although our work focuses on sex and/or gender based discrimination experienced by women and people with gestational capacity in Mexico, our search for reproductive justice recognizes that this intersects with other forms of discrimination, such as class, age, gender identity, and ethnicity. In addition, we recognize that the discrimination faced by women affects not only them, but society as a whole and their community, in particular their families.

GIRE works to promote a cultural transformation in Mexico through a comprehensive strategy that includes legal support, communication strategies, public policy advocacy, and research to support our work in the national context with hard data and according to the highest international standards. Each of GIRE’s areas is responsible for a part of this strategy and works in parallel with the same objective: to achieve reproductive justice for women and people with gestational capacity in Mexico. Our work can be consulted in our annual reports.

Reproductive justice is the set of social, political and economic factors that allow women and other pregnant people to have power and self-determination over their reproductive destiny. For this, it is essential to guarantee their human rights, taking into account discrimination and structural inequalities that affect their health, their rights and their control over their own lives. It also includes the State’s obligation to generate optimal conditions for their decision-making.

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