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Childcare: Not Solely a Woman’s Responsibility

February 5, 2020

GIRE has yet another case on the Supreme Court Docket, to be discussed this week or next! The case could facilitate change for thousands of men, enrolled in the public health system and employed taxpayers. And it could impact the lives of thousands of families across the country.

This case is that of Antonio and his wife Gaby –parents of their now 17-month-old son, and the center of an ongoing debate around men’s right to access public daycare services. Antonio was denied access to government daycare services because he is not a widower, nor divorced with full custody – these are the only men who are entitled to use these services by law. Rather, he is a father, who pays social security taxes, who wanted to use this benefit and was ultimately denied the service. The result of this service denial? His wife Gaby, who is a domestic worker in three homes, paid the ultimate price, and carried their son on her back during work hours, as they could not afford private daycare. GIRE is representing the family, and if won, the case could change the Social Security Law in Mexico and the lives of men and women across the country, reaffirming that childcare is not solely a woman’s responsibility.


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