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Annually, GIRE develops a report that documents the past year’s initiatives, activities and achievements.

The Annual Report serves as a transparency mechanism for our individual donor community and the foundations that support GIRE’s work, to learn about the organization’s advances and how income is spent. 

2019 Annual Report

2019 was a feminist year in Mexico. Women mobilized, flooding the streets to raise awareness around sexual harassment, sexual violence and the defense of legal and safe abortion. These actions provided us with energy to face new challenges in 2020. Today, more than ever, feminist struggles resonate throughout Mexico. It’s our time!

GIRE achieved important advances this year, which would not have been possible without the dedication, enthusiasm and creativity of our team. Nor would this progress have been possible if we worked alone: collaboration with other organizations, movements and all of our supporters was critical. But most importantly, we are grateful to the women and their families who trust us and open their doors, allowing us to accompany them in their search for justice.

This report provides a clear picture of the contributions the GIRE family made in 2019 to the construction of a country where women live in equality and with justice.


Visit our 2019 Annual Report and learn about our work in detail

2018 Annual Report

2018 was marked by federal and state elections. Between the pre-campaigns, the actual campaigns, the election and the transition period, 2018 flew by. Throughout the year, GIRE worked hard to achieve significant changes for women in Mexico, despite the fact that issues affecting women were barely mentioned.

This year, GIRE once again had the opportunity to accompany numerous women and their families whose rights were violated. The trust they provide us, opening their doors and their hearts, continues to be the most important driving force for our work.

Visit our 2018 Annual Report and learn about our work in detail.

2017 Annual Report

GIRE works on reproductive justice from different angles. Part of our mission involves seeking comprehensive reparation for individuals who have faced human rights violations, discrimination or obstetric violence. We accompany each woman and/or her family by providing personalized accompaniment and support of various kinds. We also fight to establish legal precedents and changes in public policies. We carry out in-depth research to understand the nuances in the different state legal frameworks, using them as tools in various cases. We employ communication strategies targeted at specific audiences that help foment change in the long term.

In more than 25 years, GIRE has seen progress and setbacks, triumphs and backlash. The search for reproductive justice is a constant fight, based on the fervent desire to improve the future of girls and women in Mexico and around the world; a fight inspired by women.

Visit our 2017 Annual Report and learn about our work in detail.

2016 Annual Report

This report documents GIRE’s initiatives and achievements during 2016. For us, justice is the compass that guides our day to day. But we couldn’t meet the daily challenges without the strength and courage of the women we accompany, and without the commitment we have for this work and to each and every woman.

We continue en route to justice for all those whose reproductive rights have been violated. The fight does not end with each battle won, nor at the end of the day, week, or month. We gain strength, inspired by all the women with whom we have worked, while every triumph is followed by a new challenge. 2016 is done but 2017 is here with a whole new set of challenges.

Visit our 2016 Annual Report and learn about our work in detail.