Increasing access to safe and legal abortion has been a crucial issue for GIRE since its foundation. Even though grounds for abortion under which women may choose to legally terminate a pregnancy exist across all states, the reality is that enormous obstacles impede women’s access to these services, and significant regional differences still exist. While women and girls who are survivors of rape have the right to legal abortion throughout Mexico, the implementation of these laws appears subjective, and GIRE has documented and protested the numerous barriers that women still face in accessing this service.

Meanwhile, unsafe abortion continues to be the fourth leading cause of maternal mortality in the country. In addition, women in Mexico continue to be criminalized for the crime of abortion, and often face prison sentences. GIRE works to guarantee access to abortion in Mexico within existing legal indications, secure reparations for those women who are denied services and ensure that women who decide to end their pregnancy are not criminalized.


Violence without End (2016)

Access to safe and legal abortion is essential to the exercise of women’s human rights. In cases of rape, this access is still restricted in Mexico despite being recognized in national and international legal frameworks. Girls and women often face obstacles to exercise their human rights because medical staff is unaware of the legal framework according to which they are to conduct their professional practice. They usually believe that providing a girl or a woman who is a victim of rape with abortion services is a crime and, thus, they deny or hinder their provision. This behavior, however, not only re-victimizes girls or women but also violates their human rights.

Girls and Women without Justice: Reproductive Rights in Mexico (2015)

Girls and Women without Justice: Reproductive Rights in is a follow-up report to the information presented in Omission and Indifference, through the updating of figures, statistics and cases registered, documented and litigated by GIRE and members of Radar 4th until May 2015.


Omission and indifference: Reproductive Rights in México (2013)

The report presents and analyzes the current regulatory framework of reproductive rights in Mexico both at the federal and state levels, as well as their implementation. It also identifies the obstacles women face in exercising their reproductive rights. The information presented in this document covers the period between April 2007 and January 2013.

Communications materials

Access to safe and legal abortion is an essential part of women’s right to reproductive health services. Access to safe and legal abortion is based on the right to life; the right to health, including reproductive health; the right to physical integrity; the right to privacy; the right to freedom from discrimination and the right to reproductive autonomy. These rights are included in Mexico’s Constitution as well as various international human rights treaties.


Viva Mexico!

This documentary tells the story of four women who were criminalized for the crime of abortion. The doctors, in exchange for medical care, forced them to sign false statements. The authorities leaked their records to the press and isolated from their families.


Constitutional reforms and women’s rights