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In 1992 five women founded the Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE) after identifying the need to position abortion as a public health and social justice issue in Mexico based on bioethical, social, and legal arguments.

Since then, GIRE’s work has been consolidated, becoming a national and international benchmark in the defense of reproductive rights. Since it’s founding, four feministas have guided GIRE’s work as executive directors: Marta Lamas, María Luisa Sánchez Fuentes, Regina Tamés and, currently, Rebeca Ramos, appointed by the Board of Directors.

Rebeca Ramos has been a part of GIRE since 2012. Her previous experience as Coordinator of Public Policy Advocacy facilitates, under her new position as director, a continuity to GIRE’s projects and strategies, while incorporating creativity, innovation, and the use of new arenas.

Little by little, and thanks to the vision of its directors, the GIRE team has grown and consolidated. Today, the organization is made up of 37 individuals, specialists in different disciplines and to improving, committed to defending women’s human rights.