Our Story

Twenty-five years ago, five women recognized the need to employ bioethical, social and legal arguments to position abortion as a public health and social justice issue in Mexico. They founded the Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE).

Since those first years, GIRE has grown, and the organization has transformed into a national and international leader in the defense of reproductive rights. Three feminists have guided GIRE’s work over 25 years as its directors: Marta Lamas, María Luisa Sánchez Fuentes and Regina Tamés. Their efforts and leadership have helped place women’s reproductive rights on the political agenda, keeping this debate alive despite an adversarial context.

Thanks to these directors’ vision, GIRE’s team has grown and expanded its expertise. Today, the organization has 40 employees. They are specialists in diverse disciplines, striving to be continually better and committed to defending women’s human rights.