Who are we?


The Information Group on Reproductive Choice (GIRE) is a Mexican non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1992. Our mission is to promote and defend women’s reproductive rights within the context of human rights. We defend women, youth and children whose rights have been violated, to generate a culture where the exercise of rights is guaranteed. GIRE is a reference in the legal defense of reproductive rights in Mexico, for decision makers, lawyers, opinion leaders, and international organizations. We advocate for the strengthening of the regulatory framework and public policies on reproductive rights at the federal and state levels.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve, through the demand for reproductive justice, a social and cultural transformation in Mexico, from a human rights framework.

Our history

A historical problem in Mexico has been the lack of updated and academic information on reproductive rights in general. GIRE – founded in 1992 by Marta Lamas, Patricia Mercado, Maria Consuelo Mejia, Sara Sefchovich and Lucero Gonzalez – was created to gather and disseminate bioethical, social, and legal arguments, thus positioning reproductive rights, particularly abortion, as an issue on the public agenda, and a public health and social justice problem.

Currently, GIRE works on a full spectrum of reproductive rights from a human rights perspective: contraception, safe and legal abortion, obstetric violence, maternal mortality, assisted reproduction and balancing work and family life. Information – Platform for consultations

GIRE develops research and makes it available to you.


GIRE investigates and disseminates information on reproductive rights in the context of human rights. The aim of the materials is to position the defense and promotion of reproductive rights on the public agenda, promote rational discussion to generate solutions and advances in the field, and empower people in the exercise of their rights. Our publications have licenses that allow for free distribution and reproduction, provided the source is acknowledged, and they are available in PDF to download and print.


GIRE’s digital library (BD-GIRE) is a set of collections and documents, organized in electronic format, available and accessible to the public. The aim of the BD-GIRE is to provide widespread access to electronic documents specializing in reproductive rights that encourage research and socialization of data, based on the human right of access to information.